"A Brilliant Splendor"

Micah Gabriel Andrews - Mosaic Artist

Micah Gabriel Andrews was born in Texas and spent his formative years in Scranton, Pennsylvania - made famous by the popular TV series The Office. 

Although of Irish and Mexican decent, Micah was raised in an Eastern Greek Orthodox Christian household, and spent most of his upbringing surrounded by the art, customs and traditions of Greek Hellenic culture.  It was 2 trips to the historic land of Greece during Micah’s formative years that ignited a deep interest in Greco-Byz aesthetics and a passion for ancient Greek art.  His artistic interests ranged from statues of the Athenian Greek gods to admiring the 9th century Byzantine Christian frescoes located atop the sheer cliffs of Meteora in central Greece. During Micah’s visit to the historic Byzantine monasteries on the exclusive Greek peninsula of Agion Oros (Holy Mountain) he witnessed firsthand the ethos of the Byzantine Christian Roman Empire being captured and practiced by the monks through their religious iconography, mosaics, and chant which later inspired him to experience Byzantine Orthodox monasticism as a way of life for more than a decade. This period of his life, surrounded by the rustic beauty of Byzantine icons and Greek Orthodox chant, taught him the value of patience which (according to his mosaic instructor Luciana Noturni of Ravenna, Italy) is an utmost prerequisite quality for the classical mosaic artist.

Among the ancient traditions Micah has found great beauty and significance in Byzantine Roman mosaic art. As he puts it, "...although Byzantine mosaics appear to be two dimensional, their light refractive properties suggest three dimensional movement transporting one's visual sense to a spiritual realm." The Byzantine and modern mosaic(s) that he produces incorporate a plethora of brilliant colored stones, Venetian glass and 24K gold leaf to capture the themes and feelings he puts into each work.

 This “brilliant splendor” of color is manifested in the art, as opulent materials and theme techniques collide with the solemn and peaceful facial expressions in each figure and design element. This luminous radiance of color is a distinctive characteristic in Micah's art. His mosaics naturally integrate ancient techniques to express timeless ideas and his work continues to be influenced by the religious, secular and modern mosaic themes he has encountered throughout his travels abroad in Greece, Italy and Turkey.

In addition to creating mosaics, Micah enjoys playing the flute and piano, as well as traveling the coast of California.


Scuola Arte Del Mosaico - Ravenna, Italy 2014